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Hammond - Leslie 3300

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Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300
Hammond  - Leslie 3300

Home / Shop / New Instruments / Organs

Hammond - Leslie 3300

Model Number: 8710654
Hammond - Leslie 3300
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Manufacturer: Hammond
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Hammond – Leslie 3300


The Leslie 3300 is one of the most powerful Leslies ever offered, and has been designed with the professional touring musician in mind. This single-channel Leslie features a two-speed horn rotor coupled to our new heavy-duty design driver and a massive 15” woofer. Firing into the Bass rotor. The Leslie 3300 is powered by a 300-Watt RMS solid-state amplifier with a real vacuum tube preamp. 11-pin and 8-pin Leslie sockets allow connection and onboard control with Hammond Organs, Most other electronic organs and keyboards can hook up to the 3300 using a ¼” cable and common footswitch (optional). This Leslie features a rugged-built cabinet with high-impact black finish which is lighter than a traditional Leslie, and the heavy-duty casters will make it a snap to transport to your next performance.

Don Leslie capitalized on a principle called the “Doppler Effect”. It’s why a train whistle seems to go down in pitch when a train passes you. Don took a horn speaker and made it go around in a circle. And Bingo! a legend was born.

The spinning horn gave the Hammond Organ what is called in the pipe organ world a tremulant. Vibrato, Tremolo, and a little “whoosh” of air all put together. It made the Hammond Organ sound completely different. The Hammond’s life in all popular music-Jazz, Rock, Pop was born at that moment.

Single-Channel Input
Two-speed horn and bass rotor
Slow and fast speeds, rise and fall times, and
brake time can be adjusted

Vacuum tube preamp with ear-shattering
300-Watt RMS solid-state
amplifier: 220-
Watt RMS bass amplifier and 80-Watt RMS
treble amplifier

Massive 15” woofer, High power horn driver

11-pin and 8-pin Leslie connector, 1/4” line input jack, and 1/4” foot
switch jack

1/4” line output jack suitable to drive a powered

Master volume, bass, mid-range, treble, horn
level, and sub-woofer level

Rugged-built cabinet with a high-impact black
finish, and locking casters.

25″(W) x 20 1/2″(D) x 35 1/4″(H)

125 lbs

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