Reviews in Blue are from our wonderful piano customers.

09-26-2023Jeff Saito
Hi l received the piano chair today. Excellent job on packaging arrived safely. Very happy with the quality and comfortable chair.
I’ve seen negative reviews of this business, but this was NOT my experience. I had a question when ordering. I called them and spoke to, who I believe was, one of the owners. I was treated with respect and the person on the phone was professional. My instrument arrived in great condition and earlier than expected. 5 stars!!!


07-09-2023Wayne Montecalvo
Hi Troy, The accordion showed up without an issue. I've been getting used to it the last two days and checking it out. It does play really well and I like it. It's a keeper.
06-27-2023Marilee Larsen
Hi, I just wanted to thank you. Mi received the bassoon today. I purchased this instrument for my autistic Grandson. He has been asking for three years. Happy custo ers are the best!
06-02-2023susan stocchi
Thank You for your prompt and professional service! The drum is great and sounds very nice! SUSAN
04-04-2023Jim Snoke
I am more than simply impressed with the Schiller American Heritage Elite BB piston horn. It projects when needed and can blend perfectly with my section mates both with intonation and tone quality. Depending on the particular key in which the orchestra is playing, tuning on the fly is made with ease using the variety of tuning slides as well as the myriad of alternate fingerings available on this exceptional instrument. Everything Schiller has advertised about this horn is spot on.
I ordered the cocktail drum bags and received them in perfect shape. There was a slight misunderstanding about the shipment (I live in the Netherlands), but everything turned out fine. Happy with the bags!
03-12-2023Rosalyn Moreno
The Bass arrived in good order and he loves it! Excellent bass! 😊 thank you!
03-01-2023Katherine McMahon
Thank you! I am very pleased with the piano and the set up was great! Thank you so much! So happy to have my "forever" piano all set up and playing it every chance I get!
01-31-2023Rich Hagendorf
Hi. I know this weeks after I received my flugelhorn, but I wanted to say just how much I love this horn. The sound is incredible and the copper finish is absolutely beautiful. I’m so thankful that you were out of the one I originally wanted, and you suggested this one instead. My grandson loves playing it as well. That’s good because eventually it will be his.
01-10-2023Dwight Bonnell
I want to comment on the excellent service I received when I called and ordered one of the C pocket trumpets, any questions I had were answered and I was very happy with both the service and the instrument when it arrived. Thanks again.
Troy, I have been meaning to get back with you about the Schillers' for some time. The more I play both the Studio Artist flugelhorn, and equally so the American Heritage 79, the more I love'em both. The flugel sound is big and soft and sweet and in tune as ever. The only problem I have is water seems to build up in the second valve pipe and causes a blur. If you pull the 2nd valve pipe, you can go over and slap it in the trombone players face. If he says "thank you", you can say "your welcome". If he gets up and starts to put his trombone in his horn case, you might be in trouble. [Just kidding] -----Anyways it solved the 23 combination blur. The 79, the more I play it the more I love it. You have to work with the horn. [I have a new Manchester and it is almost too good. I used it to play Amazing Grace at my brother-in law's memorial service, September 11]. The 79 is a killer jamming horn. Low end is wide open, 123 an 13 do not need the tuning slide, the horn is actually very in tune throughout all registers. The dark, husky but vibrant open unique tone is my favorite and what I was looking for. Start low and easy, get with the song and you can go into the stratus somewhere, come all the way back down sweet. The Schiller is set up to jam from low F# below low c and sing with it somewhere above double high. I had to learn to get it under control and keep it under control. Anyone that puts Schiller horns down, do not know how to play with them. Thank you for your time. Hope you are doing well. Mel P.S. Both horns are just beautiful instruments in appearance, especially the 79.
Dear Troy, I recieved the flugelhorn today and last Friday, the piccolo trumpet I had also ordered from you. Wow ! Both instruments are just fantastic. I am a military musician , just retired from the Canadian Armed Forces who provided the instruments I've played for the last 32 years. I bought a good Bb and C trumpet but thought I would try something less expensive for the picc and flugelhorn that I don't use as much. My friend , the Schiller Elite Piccolo and this Flugelhorn both feel like home to me. Thank you so much ! I will recommend your store to everyone up here, that's for sure ! kind regards christian
06-16-2022Laurent DRUMMOND SIMNACHER
Mandolin - Thank you so much ! We finally got it and it’s beautiful and sounds very well !
06-04-2022Loree Becker
I received my beautiful Adirondack autoharp and played it today, Saturday, with my friends. There are five of us and we jam once a week for a few hours. Fun! Been doing this for a few years. Thank you to the person who tuned the autoharp. When I received it, I sat on my front porch and played some songs for a bit. Wonderful tone. Our little group is going to play at a party on July 4th so I wanted to upgrade my instrument. Three people play guitar, one plays either keyboard or guitar and I play either the autoharp or flute. We play old rock tunes and country music. Just enjoyable. Thank you very much. Best wishes to you.
05-27-2022Roman Sterpu
I just received the package and the accordion is perfect and high quality! Thank you for your customer service and I apologize for my nagginess!
05-22-2022Ryan McKinley
I got the piccolo trumpet today. Very nice horn, great intonation and excellent sound… way better than the Yamaha I’m used to playing! I’ll be in contact for a C trumpet soon. Thank you,
04-28-2022Van Tran
Epiphone Les Paul Modern Burgandy Burst
We received the guitar - thank you so much! It is just as beautiful as expected. And our son LOVES it.
04-25-2022Ron Keller
Schiller Studio 500 Silver Plated & Gold Trombone
Honestly a really well made and impressive trombone that I would easily value at much more than I paid. Been playing these since 1965, so I've played a lot of different trombones. I'm a very happy customer.
04-03-2022Gordy Flam
Thank you for the help with purchasing the Fluegelhorn. I really apprecaite everything you did and love the horn.
11-14-2021Grand Rapids
Schiller Elite Compensating Euphonium
Hi Troy, Just a quick note to say thanks again for this euphonium. After 12 years away from playing in the band, I'm really having a great time, and this fine euphonium is a big part of why I'm enjoying it so much. It seems like this instrument is a higher quality horn than I would have expected from my experiences some years ago. If these are still on sale, I might even want to purchase a second one! I have not yet received the valve guides you sent, but I'm sure they will arrive soon Take care, Pete DeBoer.
08-27-2021Beth Oliver
Tuba arrived Love it!! Happy Guy!! Thank You
Schiller Studio Artist Flugelhorn - Silver Plated with Gold
I have received my order from your store today ....the Schiller Flugelhorn , Silver Plated model.... It seems to be well built , Good design , and ....It Plays and Sounds Very GOOD !!! I will Give it a Good workout !! THANKYOU VERY MUCH for your Good Service , Good Communication , and a VERY GOOD Flugelhorn purchase !!
03-18-2021Roger Ely
Schiller Centertone Pocket Trumpet key of C
Hey this is Roger,and I purchased the Schiller pocket trumpet in silver/gold , and placed my Bach 3s mouthpiece in, and riffed double high "c", no serious-it cranks from "c" to "c2" like wild--sounds and blows like a very well made piece, and it is!!!! Thank you music freaks, and never fall on your brass.....?
03-09-2021Carlos Soto
Hello folks! I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the service I received from Jim Laabs Music Store. The salesman who talked with me was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I ordered three horns: a flugelhorn, a piccolo trumpet, and a wonderful cornet. All three horns arrived promptly at my door in playing condition. Every valve was oiled, and every slide was greased. I didn't have to do a thing to the horns to start playing them. I normally scrub new horns out and clean them before playing, but there was no need in this case. Everything was ready right out of the box. Your prices are incredibly low, but from what I can tell from handling and examining the horns, your instrument quality is high. They are solid horns with pristine finishes, great compression, and quick valve and slide action, and best of all they sound wonderful. Thanks again for a great experience. I will call back later in the year to buy one last horn for my collection - a Bb rotary trumpet
02-14-2021Paul Bender
Hi Troy, I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I received my new accordion last night. Before playing it, I needed to wait for it to warm to room temperature, so I wasn’t able to try it out until this morning—that was tough! The accordion is absolutely fantastic! I had fairly high expectations of it, but it has exceeded even those. It is really a superb instrument. I have an old 50-60 year old Paolo Soprani that is a very good instrument and in great condition for its age, but it does not have a tone chamber and it is piccolo-tuned instead of musette-tuned. Between the pair, they cover a lot of sound possibilities. The light weight, quiet keyboard, and perfect balance of the new accordion makes it a pleasure to play. Anyway, thanks so much for working with me over the past few months, and I have to also tell you that your pricing is unbeatable as well. When you told me your price I didn’t even try to negotiate with you because of how good it was. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again!
01-28-2021Darien Mayenschein
The violin is GREAT!! Thank you for your prompt responses and delivery. I will definitely be recommending your business to my friends.
10-15-2020Maxine L. Ward
Hope your operation went well.your dad helped us and I bought a hohner accordion which I absolutely love. both gentlemen were fun to work with and seemed to enjoy the good old swiss music. thanks again Laabs Music. Maxine L. Ward
10-14-2020Neal Bennett
Troy, Thank you so much for helping me with the ordering and purchase of my new Schiller "Old City" trumpet! I had the chance to play it over the weekend and the more I play it, the more I love it!! It's awesome!!! Thanks again for all of your help, Neal
10-09-2020Linda Leder
Hi Troy! Linda Leder here. I just wanted to give you another big thank you for taking the time to shine up that clarinet I picked up from you last week. I know you were having a busy day, but it was greatly appreciated to take the extra effort to help the instrument look brand new again. The little foster grandchild has really taken to it, so hopefully he keeps on feeling that way. It was my clarinet from decades ago, purchased from your Dad, and it got me through third chair in the Rapids band and into a couple of years with the city band. Refurbishing it and making it sparkle would make my parents happy as it was a big investment for them, but it is again once in use. So again, I just want you to know you made my day with your professional courtesy! Linda
6-14-2020Terry Worth
I give Jim Laabs store a 5 out of 5-star rating. I bought a Washburn Parlor Guitar through their guitar salesperson Josh. Josh went above and beyond the call of duty, making numerous phone calls to Washburn to find out about a certain guitar's color. He got the info I needed- in a timely manner. I ended up buying the guitar, and Laabs gave me a very generous deal on it. Although I must have been very trying and exhausting at times, Josh and two other store representatives were very polite, patient, and helpful.
A side note: I believe that the salespeople at Laabs must be very busy; so I would advise customers to take the initiative to follow up on what the salesperson is doing for you. I believe their intentions are good, and they want to help every customer as best they can. But, if they are swamped with customer requests, they might forget to get back to you. So, just take the initiative to call them back.
3-24-20Rico B.
In reference to the Schiller Studio Hagmann Swiss Mad Silver Trombone: Hi, Today I received the trombone, I'm very happy with this amazing instrument! Thanks, Rico
3-15-20Larry E
In reference to Schiller Concert C47 Upright Black/Mahogany Polish

Hello Jim, Troy

It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will enjoy the pianos for years to come. A thousand thanks.

If you need a reference, you can direct people my way.

All the best. Stay healthy and well.


3-9-20J. Fanning
In reference to the Schiller American Heritage Bronze Rose Trombone: Great for high school students, the quality is A-. Almost as good as a professional $1k horn! Very good for the price. A must buy! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a step up trombone, and I would also recommend replacing the mouthpiece with a Denis Wick or something similar, just to make is that much better!

Hi Troy

The Stagi Concertina arrived in good condition

Thank you very much for your shipment



2-13-20Dan W.

Hello Troy,

Amy is loving her new Pianodisc Prodigy system. She is downloading music and new albums. They load into the Pianodisc IQ app easily. The apps can be downloaded into additional Pianodisc IQ apps after we download them so if you have any other new Pianodisc Prodigy customers that would like to expand their music library please let me know. I can contact them and see if they are interested in the app downloads. Amy has so far downloaded over 1000 songs ranging from Christmas music, to Josh Groban, to classical, to Disney showtunes and much more. The piano is dancing all day long.

Thanks love the Pianodisc system.

2-5-20John P.
I am enjoying the Schiller Marching French Horn that I purchased from Laabs Music this past spring
1-19-20Robert M.
I have been playing my Schiller Wagner Tuba for nearly two years now and it is the joy of my life. Nicely constructed, beautifully finished, wonderful tone. My band leader’s initial comment was, “What the hell is THAT?” But he became fond of it too. I usually play baritone horn for public work and keep the Wagner for home practice. They seem to complement each other. I have even now mastered replacing the string returns after a few bumbling attempts. At age 70 I must admit I finally found my instrument. Thank you, Jim Laabs! Five stars for this horn!
1-10-20Chris and Peggy
Greetings Jim, Peggy and I would like you to know how pleased we are with our new piano bench. We have been using chairs with our vintage upright for many years and never took the trouble to search for a matching "duet" bench. You made the search easy and our new bench matches perfectly. We couldn't be happier. Everyone on your team was very helpful, the delivery was flawless and on time and the bench was packaged perfectly to avoid any damage issues Thanks again, we will recommend you folks whenever we get the chance. Happy New Year, Chris and Peggy
1-1-20Mike A
I'm not much of a musician but I like to buy instruments from your store because Troy has to be just about the worlds best salesman. One time I called up to purchase a student trumpet and he quickly convinced me that I should learn how to play piano first and sold me a nice Roland home console piano. Since that time - as a result of his advice through the last 15 years- I have gone on to learn to play guitar and saxophone and flute - gradually coming back to purchase the trumpet this last year when Troy figured I was ready. Hard to beat that level of service. Still not sure why I wanted the trumpet though- it hurts my head when I play and my lips get sort of numb. Troy says I might need a capo.
11-26-19Jani P.
Dear Mr. Laabs,
This is a very long overdue letter to thank you very much for standing behind your product and your customers.
We had an unsavory expereience when we had out piano moved from Oshkosh to Redgranite back in May of this year. I cannot express how impressed we were with how this issue was resolved. We are so happy with our piano and it looks absolutely beautiful. We did, of course, thank Lon via a phone call long ago for his involvevment in this. We cannot adequately express how impressed we were with how this issue was handled. In this day and age this kind of commitment to the customer is hard to find and we wish to thank you and Lon for making us so happy.
There is no question that we would recommend Jim laabs to any of our friend and family for their future musical needs.
Thank you once again for your tremendous service. At Thanksgiving we are especially grateful for acts of kinds like this.
Sincerely, Jani P.
11-12-19Tarra R.
Hello Troy
I’m horrified to realize that I just found the email I had written to thank you and update you in my drafts folder. SO, please find a thoroughly effusive (too much info again) note filled with gratitude for all you did to help me surprise my hubby with his Schiller American Heritage 4-valve Sousaphone! Firstly, our friend from Minnesota drove it to us where we met him and a group of friends in Utah. It was packed so well, it arrived in perfect condition.
Secondly, it was unpacked in the US on July 3rd just outside of Park City. SO, some yahoos were already setting off fireworks a day early. That meant once Jev opened the package and put the sousaphone together, as he started to play it there were literally fireworks!
Thirdly, it was super fun bringing the sousaphone back across the border. The border guard said it was her first ever tuba. It was so hilarious that she agreed to have her picture taken with us.
Thirdly, Jev is thrilled with the tone. Honestly, it’s of a far higher quality than we had any right to expect, and I’m super grateful for your assurances and talking me through my concerns while also going far above and beyond in helping me purchase it.
The band is thrilled. It’s kind of a fun showpiece to have a shiny sousaphone and it’s much easier for Jev to perform for longer periods of time, etc.
Lastly, we have recently applied for a grant. The whole thing about Little Brown Jug Brass is that it’s quirky, etc. and in this grant, we needed to prove that the Band Leader and players had longevity and bonafide credentials in the music community here. We included some silly photo montages in addition to the resume - and I’m including Jevon’s here. The central photo is the photo we took when Jevon first played his sousaphone on July 3rd with fireworks in the background!
Once again, I don’t know how to thank you enough for all you did to ensure I could make this all happen.
From your crazy Canadian customer - with best wishes to you and all the gratitude in the world, Tarra
10-22-19Dave L.
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your company. In the early 90’s I was a successful Euphonium player finishing a music education degree, performing with the 129th Army Band and looking forward to a life filled with music when I was activated for Desert Shield. A year later I re-entered school to finish my degree when I was contacted by the bank that owned my student loans. I was activated for a year and by contract was then required to start making payments. I couldn’t student teach and still work enough to make those payments so I was forced to drop out and eventually give upon a musical career. I didn’t want to see my horn go to waste so I let it go to a local college bound musician. Flash forward a couple of decades (plus). I’m working in Pittsburgh when I realize there are dozens of community bands around me. I talked my way into a couple of them and started searching for an instrument. All of the other companies were way too expensive for my new musical endeavors so I took a chance on your Schiller Euphonium. Before leaving Pittsburgh I had worked my way into feature solo parts! I upgraded to your Schiller V and have joined local bands here in Kentucky and have already been featured in Madison Community Band’s most recent concert. Without the access to your company’s high quality and affordable instruments, I may never have had another opportunity to play! Thank you so much for all you do for those of us shunned by companies that have forgotten how difficult it is to afford a quality instrument!
10-18-19Tammy F
Jim - Just wanted to “thank you” for the piano rental on October 5th at Sentry World. The piano sounded wonderful for the ceremony in the Atrium.
9-21-19Walter M
Thank you. Am enjoying the Schimmel many hours a day. Thanks for all you did to help make it happen.
9-21-19Michael K.
Regarding Schiller Field Series Marching Baritone The baritone we purchased has really been a nice addition to our ensemble. Nice action as well for a reasonable price. These have really come a long way over the past several years and maybe more directors will begin to give them a chance.
6-14-19John P.
Hi Troy (you were my salesperson), I tried to phone you a minute ago, but you were out for lunch (sorry I missed you!). I just wanted/want to let you know that the Schiller Elite Marching French horn arrived this morning. I've oiled the valves, greased the slides and played the scale. The horn looks and sounds great!! Your team did a great job of packing the instrument for safe passage. So, I want to thank you for your prompt, efficient, and pleasant service. If anything untoward comes up with the horn, I will let you know, but it looks and sounds like a solid instrument. Thanks again, Troy!!
4-22-19Bill F
Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed my Schiller American Heritage 4 Valve Elite Eb Piston Compensating Tuba. The horn works well in all musical situations and I have received many compliments.
4-4-19Sid J
I have been wanting to write to you since the beginning of this year since we received our Yamaha U30A piano from your store. I wanted to let you know that the delivery team was very courteous and did a great job! Moreover we are really happy with the quality and condition of the piano and it is working very well for its intended purpose. It was a very nice experience buying a piano sight unseen from you despite never having met you in person. I would certainly recommend your store to any of my friends. Once again I wish to thank you for excellent service.
1-8-19 Prof. Nan, PhD
Hi Troy I have the tuba!!! Fantastic thank you so much.
8-23-18Lisa G.
Yamaha Upright Piano
Dear Jim,
The piano looks, sounds and feels amazing. It plays beautifully. I love the action and responsiveness. Thank you so much for your help in getting this here to Vermont. Joe asked how long I had been waiting for this. (he may have meant since July 21 when I purchased it) I told him 30 + years at least. Thanks again. I've played it for the last 30 minutes and am so excited for the future of this piano.
Joe and Austin were great to work with and made the transition so effortless. I would recommend you all to anyone needing a piano. This was an amazing way to purchase. I've got to say, I was really trusting and hoping it was going to be fine and it was absolutely a great purchase and great experience with you all. Thanks again from one very happy, excited customer.
-Lisa, New York
Schiller Oboe
8-21-18Marcela R.
Trixon Marimba/Odessa
Hello Mr Troy!
I´m Marcela from Chile again, we were very pleased with your products, Thank you so much.
Marcel R..
7-17-18Darrell L.
Schiller Frankfurt Elite BBb 4 Valve Rotary Tuba
The Frankfurt Elite BBb 4 valve rotary is excellent. It's beautiful, has wonderful tone, and the intonation is a big surprise. I checked it with the StroboPlus HD and its almost perfect without pulling any slides. I'm amazed. This is a replica of the Miraphone 191 4 valve rotary. It's a compact 5/4 tuba. According to the music professor at the University of Mississippi. A 4 valve non-compensating tuba can hit the pedal tone B natural as a false tone by pressing valves 1234 which also plays the pedal tone C. He's right. I can do it on this tuba by slowing down lip buzz. I can hit the pedal tone B natural.
Thanks for a great instrument. If Schiller continues to develop instruments like this the can compete against the big names. I think you will find my Silver and Gold CC tuba to be in great shape. I treated it with loving care.
The Frankfurt BBb 4 valve rotary tuba is a wonderful instrument. Can easily stand toe to toe with a Miraphone s191 that costs $9000.
Darrell L.
Dear Jim,
Thank you for the piano. It was good to do business with you.
Best regards,
-Saswato, New York
5-17-18Yuri G.
Hi Troy!
I have received The Trombone on May 15. I have find it pretty good, and I like it. Troy, I thank you very much for your help. Good bye and good luck !
Yuri G.
5-16-18Jason M.
Yamaha Upright Piano
I am sending another note to just say Thank You for the beautiful piano. Yesterday, I attached a link to a video showing our 17-year old son playing it. We are happy to have such a fine instrument back in our family; the music drought is over. I gave a personal check for the full balance to your moving guys yesterday. Wishing you well.
5-12-18Hans A.
Hi Troy,
After 2 months, about filling in 60 forms and paying 2000 dollars tax, we got the instruments.
Horrible this country. Yesterday was the last day to arrange things. Just in time, if we failed all the instruments were confiscated by the tax office. So much stress.
The instruments are great.
Thanks a lot for your help.
5-11-18Jay T.
Schiller Euphonium
The euphonium arrived yesterday afternoon in fine shape.......played nicely right out of the box!
Thanks for the assistance!
5-5-18Bruce M.
Schiller Eb Ophicleide
My Schiller Eb Ophicleide recently arrived and I could not be more pleased. The instrument is beautiful and the customer service at Jim Laabs is outstanding!
American Heritage Eb/F Alto Trombone
Hi, Dear "Schiller Instruments" agents (please sorry for my English). I'm did buy Your American Heritage Eb/F Alto Trombone, and I'm very like it, it is very good quality instrument. And I want to personality thanking Troy for his work, he did get me fast and full information for all my question, and organize fast shipping. I'm sure contact him for buy Your bass trombone! All good for Your company and personally to everyone!
4-7-18Eddie D.
Schiller Studio Flugelhorn Rase Brass
Played Handel’s Aria con Variazioni on the flugel you sold me at my junior lecture recital today. Love it! Here’s a photo...
Eddie D.
4-2-18Michael S.
Schiller Piano
Hi Jim,
I received the piano book you sent.
Thank you very much.
And thank you again for the beautiful Schiller Piano.
Best Regards,
4-1-18Clarinda L.
Schiller Leipzig Grand Piano Black Polish
Our piano was delivered and it went smoothly! It is so beautiful and we could not be more than happy!
Clarinda L.
3-4-18Carlis R.
Schiller Upright Piano
Thank you so much
The piano is amazing and the delivery staff very personable and professional
Great experience!!!
Carlis R.
Player piano sold in Hawaii
Hi Jim: piano arrived in good shape. Today I figured out how to operate. Its fantastic. Thanks for the help.
9-11-17Po L.
Mini Slide Trumpet sold to customer in China
What a nice instrument! I didn't expect that the range is that high, but it fit what I need.
Thank you so much for that cute little trumpet!
8-23-17Seth A.
Vibraphone sold to Johanessburg, South Africa
Hello Aaron, I was like a ten year old with the excitement this morning of the arrival of the TRIXON,which sounds like the very first Deagan that Milt Jackson used to use on tours and when I first fell in love with vibes in 1956...the most beautiful design for a really great instrument.
It took me about an hour to assemble and I have been playing all day.I will send you a video of me playing with a backing track...can't get the band guys together for a week or so,and that will give you an idea of the great sound.
Take care
Best to you and THANKS.
Thanks Troy, the guitar arrived today!
8-9-17Don O.
I came back from therapy and it [Schiller French Horn] was on the porch. Big dark European sound I was looking for. Most Americans won’t want this They will prefer the 831L . You guys should really put on a big push for that model - - - - I found it a great horn for the money which would help a student have a great quality instrument at a very reasonable price. You can quote me on that. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ! ! ! !
8-7-17Naoki Y.
*Regarding a Steinway Grand Piano we shipped to Japan*
Troy, thanks a lot for this deal. I was very satisfied. If there is another opportunity, I definitely want to purchase an instrument from your store. My friends tell you that your shop is very reliable.

But, it is a great Steinway. Even though it passed 85 years or more, I think that it was as good as it was in good condition. I think New York Steinway is a great product of America. I enjoy tremendously and play the piano.

Thank you very much!!!

7-24-17Richard L.
I can’t believe something went beyond what I expected. I already purchased a bass from JIM LAABS years ago and it was a great sounding, beautiful for the price. Unfortunately I had to sell it. I had a opportunity to buy another bass. I chose JIM LAABS again from my prior experience. I was overly excited when the new bass arrived, I could not believe the sound, it was loud and well balanced and the looks and craftsmanship was beyond anything I expected! I am pleased and overly satisfied with this Bass and JIM LAABS, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and the DELIVERY TEAM. I will always be a returning customer, THANK YOU JIM LAABS!
6-9-17Michael L.
Dear Jim,
I wanted to say thanks again and express my appreciation for making my piano upgrade possible I have always been impressed with the staff and support at your beautiful stores. Whenever I come in I feel like I am with family and am treated with dignity, respect and professionalism. I am looking forward to making future purchases with you. Troy is awesome too!
Thanks so much!!
6-9-17Paul S.
Got the Horn, and it is flippin' awesome, thanks so much.
6-9-17Tara T.
Thank you for Jim Laabs Music such a beautiful horn. The purchase of this horn has made my daughter extremely happy. She immediately took it out of the shipping box put it together and started playing. She had to tune it first, but, that is to be expected.

Tara T
6-4-17Karrin P
I just had to write to let you know what great customer service I have received from Aaron.

While I was disappointed that I wasn't able to receive the piano bench in the end, Aaron has been very responsive in answering questions and communicating to me during the whole process. Often, his responses to my e-mails arrive literally minutes from when I sent them. In this day and age, I just don't expect to receive that kind of quick service from any company, and I mail order from many.

So, I just wanted you to know that Aaron went above and beyond providing a "standard" level of customer service. I hope he is a valued team member. You are fortunate to have him in your employ as his interactions with customers are quite exemplary and should be lauded.

I wish you continued success in your business.
Kärrin P
6-3-17Jeff M.
Good morning Troy!

The Schiller marching trombone just arrived a few minutes ago, and I am so very pleased. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for working with me. I definitely will be buying a piccolo trumpet from you in the near future. Thank you again, and have a very blessed weekend.

5-3-17Michael G.
Great Service! Great Price, love our new piano. I highly recommend Jim Laabs Music.
4-23-17Beth W.
Dear Jeff,
Thank you for sending the concertina. The veteran that I gave it to was so very pleased with it. He has been playing one that was "epoxied together" and really needed a new one. He was thrilled!
Beth W.
4-12-17Vicki M.
Alan was a huge help on Saturday when I realized that we didn't have the equipment needed for our Wild Rose Kiwanis Concert the next day. He was very patient on the phone with me as I tried to figure out what we needed and what would work with the school system!
Thanks again, Alan!
Vicki M.
4-7-17Jacki R.
Hi Jim,
I received my new piano yesterday and it looks and sounds amazing! Thank you so much.
3-29-17Lana G.
Hi Jim,
We got the piano last week and can't be any happier. My son is so excited and been playing ever since. Just wanted to say thank you so much!!
3-14-17Bob H.
Thanks Troy
It (baritone saxophone) was on my porch when I arrived home from work. Beautiful instrument, can't wait to try it out.
Bob H.
3-14-17Kim H.
Hello from Dallas! I wanted to check with you about getting the tuning scheduled for our piano. We absolutely love it!
Thank you,
Kim H.
3-9-17James H
James here.
I looked further into my piano (sometime not a good idea after a buy) and found everything to be perfect. So I’m going to offer a good bottle of champagne. When I get the piano another bottle to gods for blessing for you family and mine again etc….
Thank you! may the gods of music shine on us.
3-8-17Mark M.
It was my pleasure ordering from you. Any second thoughts I had about making the purchase were quickly put to rest speaking on the phone with you. Your knowledge and quality services you provide made it an easy decision, it's no wonder you remain in business. Thanks for your help, I'll be sure to point anyone I know your direction if they're looking!
3-7-17Jeff S.
Good afternoon,
I just wanted to confirm that earlier today, i received in the mail the pocket c trumpet i had ordered. All looks great and so far sounds as expected as well. Thank you for the expedited shipping!
3-5-17Bud F.
Hello Aaron,
So delighted with the guitar. Thank everyone there for the nice customer service. It is truly a small world. My wife and I have had sail boats here for many years and after going cruising for a few years, we bought property here a moved ashore here in 2004. It is a nice and quite beautiful area. Thanks for the note and hope to meet you if you are here sometime.
Best regards, Bud
2-23-17Lorenzo E

Just to tell you that we are very happy with the Yamaha M500, the delivery crew was very able to bring it in, and professional ,looks and sounds great as you said. Thanks.
1-20-17LuAnn F.
Good Morning Jim,

Just following up to let you the piano was received. Looks great, sounds great; children are happy. Thanks to the delivery team, they worked quickly and efficiently in getting it together. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for a piano.

Thanks again. Have a blessed day!
1-10-17Michael H.
Received my chair. It is great. Just what I needed.
12-31-16Steven P.
Hello from Oswego, NY; Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Schiller Baby Grand Piano with the PianoDisc IQ iPad System we purchased from you back in September. You are a man of your word and sometimes that is a difficult thing these days.

I also wanted to share that we had the piano tuned this morning and the tuner (Phil MacAurthur; who has been a musician for more than 50 years) said it was one of the best and nicest pianos he had worked on in years. He was surprised what we paid for it; expecting it to be much, much more than it is.

Thank you again and Happy New Years.
11-11-16Michael M.
FIRST RATE COMPANY! This is the third instrument I have purchased from Jim Laabs, and everything was exactly as promised. I am a return customer because they give excellent customer service, and have always treated me squarely. I bought a Schiller C-48 vertical piano, and it is outstanding. I am a professional musician with over fifty years experience, and I have quite a few options to purchase a personal instrument. Jim Laabs is my first choice, and I'll be happy to be a reference for Jim anytime. It's nice to know that despite being a mega-company, you still get personal attention from Jim Laabs. This is the type of company that has traditional values, and honors the customer. THANKS!! Michael Monaco
10-21-16Judith J.
I got my BEAUTIFUL music stand yesterday and now I feel I am practicing my guitar and mandolin in a fancy conservatory in the lairds castle instead of my den!
10-4-16Sharon Marie B.
Dubuque, IA
Jim; I have to thank you for the wonderful experience we had in purchasing our black ebony upright professional Schiller Piano. After having a 1906 Johns Piano Co. upright for 40 years, always 1/2 step from true, it was good to pass it on to a family with young children eager to start piano but without the funds to purchase one - in the family line of where it came though - my Great-Grandma's line. This was an emotional choice since I had refinished this beautiful quarter-sawn oak piano.

I searched on week on Craigslist. However deciding to come to Jim Laabs Music Superstore was a wonderful day trip. You had great patience as I tried various baby grand pianos - Yamaha, etc., until I settled on your beautiful playing Schiller. Thank you again for helping me in this decision for our musical family!
10-1-16Gary. M
Troy we have received the euphonium in great condition, no damage and my grandson has already had a quick practice on it and he likes it as well. I would like to say thank you for your efforts in making the offer and shipping it to us in Australia so quickly. We will surely mention your company name to any of our grandsons fellow students if their parents are looking for any musical instruments.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9-21-16Tim A.
Just wanted to let you know the piano sounds great! Thanks much!
9-19-16Dori N.
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you for your time and consideration for me and my daughter, Danika.
You, your business, and your staff are one of a kind. It is encouraging to know there are still successful family owned businesses, you have given my family a wonderful gift and I appreciate you.
I brought Danika in to your Arden Hills location looking for a 1/2 size cello. Marty took his time to advise my 13 year old daughter that the 1/2 size was not the correct size. When we left that day with a brand new beautiful 3/4 size Frankfurt vienna strings cello, it was an absolutely proud moment for me as a mother. She is a very happy girl! You have earned a customer for life and many referrals to come.
9-19-16Pawel G.
Very good trumpet et very, very nice strong and clean sonority. Thanks!
8-26-16David L.
I purchased a Schiller Elite Compensating Euphonium and love it! I use it in two different community bands here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and everyone compliments the sound of the horn!
8-13-16Inez P.
Thanks so much for your quick service!
I received my Excalibur Accordion Case yesterday, and it is fabulous! My 55 year old case was not good protection for my Scandalli accordion, as well as being heavy to carry. I called and talked to someone who assured me my accordion would be easy to remove and replace in the case, so I went ahead and ordered online. Am just delighted with everything about it, and my 80 bass instrument is snuggled inside perfectly! Thank you for carrying such a great product, found when I searched for "accordion case with wheels"!
Off to play in my church orchestra tomorrow wearing a big smile!
7-29-16Terry S.
My piano tech and my kids love the piano you sold me. Your Delivery Guys were very professional and took the time to explain how to care for my new piano. My Piano Tech was surprised that I was able to purchase a Yamaha U3 over the internet in like new condition with such a low price.
7-20-16Mario P.
I just wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderful product as the Schiller Centertone Piccolo trumpet. I play church and wedding services with another trumpet player in town. He owns a Schilke and we are both blown away by how well this horn plays for the money. The conventional wisdom is to get a cheap Getzen, Benge, or Selmer over one of these instruments. In my experience one would be far better off with the Schiller. Just saying thanks!
7-18-16Tony S.
Hello Alan, Troy,
Thank you so much for your help and attention, the instrument has arrived and it's like an expensive toy ) The sound is like nothing I've ever held in my hands, the instrument is simple and super comfortable.
You made my day, will be back some day with another order )
7-14-16Ben J.
Hey Troy,
Wanted to let you know we got the drums. VERY impressed and pleased. Thank you for working with us so well.
Thank you.
Ben Jones
6-30-16Morris R.
Hi Troy,
Thank you and the staff of Jim Laabs Music for the excellent service you've given me. My new Deering Sierra banjo arrive today, just 10 or so days after you started it on its long journey to Western Australia. Both the banjo and the case appear to have arrived in excellent condition.
All the best,
6-21-16Giovanni M.
Hello troy,
just wanted to let you know, the horn arrived safely. Thank you for the great packing. I´m very pleased with the quality and sound of the horn!
Thank you & regards from Germany!
6-10-16John M.
Hi Aaron, It was a pleasure doing business with Jim Laabs Music. The decision to purchase my piano, being several States away, having only pictures of the piano and video, was made with the confidence and trust I had in your staff. All my questions were carefully considered making me very comfortable that the piano I was purchasing was right for me. When I received the piano, the delivery was on time and extremely professionally installed with care, as though the piano was theirs. Upon inspection of the piano I found it to be exactly as you have described and well tuned. I would recommend to all, that you can purchase anything from Jim Laabs, knowing you will get the best customer service and products that are well represented.

Please thank all your staff for their customer service and making my purchase an enjoyable one.
6-8-16Terri B.
I want to let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time with me and recommending the Schiller flute over the other one I was considering. I have never before played such a fine instrument since I was only used to playing lower grade band instruments. Thank you so very much, it is a joy to be able to play again since it has been a long time and using this flute makes it even more enjoyable.
Hi Troy- The organ is great and your delivery guys went out of their way to put the instrument where we wanted it. Thanks again.
5-21-16Bobby G.
Thanks for the great delivery and service by both the guys, they were excellent, very courteous and super nice, they are both a credit to your company. The delivery was late friday night about 11:00 P.M. and they were both exhausted, but their attitude was a good as it gets. Please tell Jim thanks for all his attention. Tell him when he's ready for trip to Peru pleae e-mail and I will make sure he is taken care of. Tell him just do it..Please forward this to your dad please.
3-3-16Allan H.
Hello! I ordered a black Fender Coronado from you last week. Just wanted to let you know it came in March 1st. Perfectly packaged. Not a dent or scratch on the bass. Setup was very good right out of the box. Thanks for your prompt shipping and excellent service.
Thanks troy, just a note to say that I have received the organ and it arrived well and it is working perfect. Thank you so much for all your assistance.
Hi Aaron, Please let Jim know that I love the piano. It is beautiful, high quality and with the stunning sound. I will definitely be giving a 5 stars review on Amazon about this piano.
1-12-16Daryl W.
Dear Aaron I would like to commend you and Jim Laabs on the professional manner in which the purchase of my Schiller Performance 5.3 Berlin piano was conducted. Your prompt and steady communication with me after the sale was completed with Amazon was invaluable. It not only helped to clear the ill feelings I had after reading some of the negative comments online about the Schiller Pianos, but also it made me make a very wise decision to have spent the extra money to crate the piano for overseas shipping. Indeed, the Piano arrived spotless and is now a beautiful addition to my living room. The sound is awesome. as well. My family is excited about it and my two young children, one who is in Grade 4 piano classes and the other in Grade one , are now fully encouraged to play more.
Dear Jim; I am from Albania and I want thank you so much for delivering the violin case.
12-31-15Scott & Ellen B.
Dear Jim; It was great meeting you yesterday and working with you. Your knowledge & salesmanship are superior. The piano is beautiful & we will enjoy it immensely! Thanks again & Happy New Year! (Green Bay)
12-22-15Kimmie M.
Dear Jim; I have never met such an upright business man before. It was so nice to do business with you and I enjoy the piano I bought from you very much. If I may tell you something else, God has been so gracious to me that a man in Merrill where I live showered me with an upright acoustic piano - used to be his mothers. Can you believe? So now I have two pianos in my living room. I couldn't believe what was happening. That happened in July. It was so nice meeting you and your wife. God's Blessings to you all! Wish you and your family very Merry X-Mas and happy and health New Year.
12-9-15Jonathan H.S.
Hi, I just received the acrylic cello case (Enthral II). It’s great and just what I need for running around NYC. I will definitely recommend it. Thanks so much.
11-30-15Shirley T.
Hi, I am from Singapore and I want thank you so much for delivering the guitar, my husband fell in love with his gift. Your service is awesome and I will do business again in future with your GREAT Company.
11-19-15Gary W.
Jeff Garsomke, My tuba stand came today. It’s exactly what I wanted and it works exactly the way I had hoped to would. Thank You,
11-17-15Larry H.
I just took delivery of a Vienna Strings cello. The condition of the used cello was much better than I anticipated. The tone is comparable to the more expensive rental instrument I currently play. The case appears new as did the bow. It arrived on time, and the sales person I worked with was candid in answering my questions. For the money this was a great bargain; I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you.
9-28-15Christine G.
We love the piano that you delivered to us! I wanted to thank you for working with us and helping to get a piano in our home. I also wanted to compliment your two movers. Rick and his colleague let me know exactly when they would arrive, were quiet, quick and very polite. I can’t thank you enough for your help!
9-24-15Richard B.
UCMS Band Director
I just unpacked the bass drum and quads, and I wanted to let you know that I am VERY happy with them. I am impressed with the quality for the price. If the snares and glockenspiel are this good I will be a very satisfied customer. I hope you keep this line because I plan to add as my drum line grows.
9-17-15Janet A.
Jeff, thanks for the responsiveness. The alto recorder is beautiful and I'm very pleased.
Mr. Troy this message is just to thank your kindness and good service. My instrument arrived today and I liked it. Again thank you very much and I hope to buy again with you.
I actually purchased an Schiller American Heritage series bass trombone (double rotor) from you about 6 1/2 years ago. I have been extremely satisfied with the instrument ever since. I have been playing a lot of low brass, and while I know there really is no demand for bass trumpet, I like the price and the novelty factor (I know my middle school kids will be fascinated by the rotor system too).
9-2-15Geoff L.
Hi Troy, Euhponium arrived safely Tuesday morning 1st September at,had a rehearsal that night,the Eupho sounded great,was even commentated on by the conductor for its tone,the 1st Baritone player liked the tone and is asking about buying a Baritone for herself, I'm very happy with my purchase,
8-14-15Paul and Nancy M.
Jim, Thanks so much for the key for the Yamaha piano. You and your organization have been great to deal with, and we want to thank you for the way in which you worked with us. We truly appreciate the quick response and service. Thanks so much
7-25-15Paul T.
Dear Aaron, My tuba case has been delivered safely to Bellingham WA and I am looking forward to collecting it in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you for the personal and prompt service you provided at the outset. I am one very satisfied customer. Kind regards and best wishes,
7-10-15Milenko P.
Hi Aaron Just wishing to thank you on your prompt follow up and efforts in relation to the shipment of my guitar. It arrived today and it's even better than I imagined. It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys, you've been both incredibly professional and conscientious and the guitars are great! I look forward to future purchases. Thanks again, I really did appreciate all your efforts.
5-31-15Jennifer G.
Dear Jim & Marty - Thank you for working with my husband and I to afford your used Kawai grand. We are grateful for your help as we pay for my husband's seminary education. It is a dream come true to have this piano! I have already shared and recommended your business to multiple families!
Hey Guys! So about 5 years ago I bought one of those Trixon bronze snares frmo you guys and I absolutely LOVE that drum!! I am a recording engineer in Nashville and I use it on every session!
I purchased a trumpet from you and have good review to give you,plays very well,good quality trumpet in c... just wanted to tel you how happy I bought it from you,love the case too, thanks.
4-2-15Debbi F.
I can honestly say, he's going to have the nicest tuba in the band :-) and I'm pretty sure his band director is going to flip in the nicest way when I drop my son and his tuba off this morning at school. Despite the delivery kink, I'm impressed. Can't wait to hear my son play it later today. Now to find a college student willing to give tuba lessons inexpensively to get him used to the 4 valve instead of the 3 valve. When he hits college and requires the compensating model, I know where to send him to purchase it, but that's a long ways off. Thanks for your help.
Received this used piano chair today. Thanks. I love it!. And thanks for the extra quick shipping.
Dear Troy and Jeff, It is a pleasure working with you on buying these Schiller French horns. I love my Elite V horn, and I played Linda's American Heritage horn yesterday, and it, too, is a fantastic instrument. I look forward to my Elite VI Deluxe arriving in a few days. I am so taken with the quality of these instruments that I would like to see if there might be some opportunities that could be worked out which would be mutually beneficial - win/win/win situations. I love teaching and giving master classes and French horn workshops. I also am excited about these Schiller instruments and I would like to help promote them. I am a professional horn player and teacher in Southern California. I was a member of the horn section of the San Diego Symphony for 36 years. I also have played with the Los Angeles Philharmonic as a substitute, having gone on a 3-week European tour with them, and made several recordings. I have also worked in the Los Angeles TV and motion picture studios. I have served on the faculties at the University of Georgia, University of New Mexico, San Diego State University, Chapman University, and University of California at San Diego. I currently have 26 private horn students, and I am the horn coach at 3 high schools and one middle school in the San Diego area. I was introduced to the Schiller French horns only 2 months ago. I recently purchased the model Elite V and I absolutely love it. I play this horn exclusively now
3-17-15Walter L.
You were right...this has to be better than the previous model. My big SOPRANI fits snug and secure and the large wheels make handling very easy. The workmanship and finish inside and out are really looks sharp. I couldn't ask for more.
I was shoppping for a cello and made the trip to Jim Laabs after calling and talking to Troy. When we got there Troy was there to help us and let me play a couple of cellos and bows. He was very kind and presented us with several options to ensure that we were happy and getting what we needed. In the end we went home with a beautiful a 4/4 Hamburg cello outfit.
Just wanted to thank you for my Vienna Strings Hamburg Handcrafted Cello. I am in love! It was exactly what I wanted for myself at a price well below value. I cannot thank you enough for such a superb instrument.
The Excalibur Weltbesten accordion arrived in just 2 days. The Travelmate case I ordered is the best I've ever seen, and protected the accordion very well. the accordion is great.
2-6-15Lloyd W.
The piano bench that I ordered from you on e-bay arrived on Thursday (several days earlier than your estimate). Your card was enclosed with the packing slip so I'm addressing this to you. My wife and I love the bench! It arrived very well packed, in perfect condition and was very easy to assemble. It looks great with our new grand piano. The bench that came with the piano was too low for us and we took a chance on your ad on e-bay. We couldn't be more pleased with our purchase and wanted to let you know.
Mr Jim, Thank you for the courteous handling of my telephone inquiry and for the expeditious and professional online transaction for the purchase of a Godin A8 mandolin with gig bag. The mando arrived much more quickly than expected and was packed extremely well. I was surprised that the instrument was actually in tune and the intonation was set to exact standards. Great job by Godin and by your folks. I was also impressed that although more than one of the same model mandolin were priced differently, you honored the lowest price listed on line - great integrity demonstrated on the sale. I will definitely recommend Jim Laabs Music to others.
I just got the Munich Handcrafted string viola, the product looks exactly like the photos !! I can not wait to show it to my daughter. Infinite thanks for your attentions and services.
11-15-14Edward T.
Troy, I just received the Schiller Eb/Bb Alto trombone. No worries about the wait, it was well worth it! It is exactly what I expected. Built well, easy blowing with the right mouthpiece, and has a clear, focused tone in all registers. It's just what I need to get started on alto. I'm very impressed with the triple box packaging as well! Thanks for offering a quality product at a great price! Feel free to paste excerpts into a review of the instrument on your site. You can use my name.
11-14-14Jailson S.
Dear Aaron and Troy, I would say I am very happy with the negotiation, everything went according to plan today received the accordion and came to see that is very good, congradulations on honesty, had, now you just earned another customer, and when you have more paracido accordion with prices that can send me email to let me know.
11-11-14Joshua P.
Yes I did received Excalibur Frankfurt Ultralight 48 bass accordion on November 10,2014 safely. Thank you so much,
7-29-14Zachary J.
I got my Schiller Cimbasso on friday, and it is amazing! I really love this horn. It is actually a little easier to play than my $9K miraphone bass tuba! You guys are awesome.
5-18-14David S.
Dear friends at Trixon, I found some images of Trixon oldies in Pat Matelotto’s website and, all of a sudden, a past of delightful memories rushed back to me. In the middle of the 60’s I was employed as host-translator in the USA pavilion at the International Fair of Barcelona. Being a born musician/drummer, in my free breaks I rushed from the USA pavilion to the musical instruments area where I met Trixon Ellipsoid drum-sets for the first time in my live. I thought the idea was brilliant and got somehow “hired” by the stand owner to play and demonstrate in my breaks from my “official” job. By the way, that cost me some scolding for cmming back late from my breaks! At the time I could not afford a drum-set and therefore could not get my Trixon, but the memory of those sessions has remained fresh and pleasant. I was certain that Trixon drums had perished with the years and therefore I was particularly glad to find them “resurrected”, alive and kicking!
4-23-14Bill R.
Hello Jeff, I am very pleased with the Frederick English Tutor music stand. Nice finish and construction; and, of course great price. Also, an amazing packing job. Very happy to have done business with you!
3-19-14Karen R.
Good evening. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I received the 4/4 Strunal cello purchased over the weekend. I am very impressed by not only how fast the shipping was (three business days) but the manner in which the cello was packed. The instrument is beautiful and exceeded my expectations. Wonderful condition with a rich sound and if there was a nick or scratch, I could not find one. Initially I was disappointed after I made the purchase I saw that that I could have made an offer to get it cheaper but honestly, after seeing it, it no longer mattered. It was well worth the money and my 11-year old daughter immediately started playing and loves it. I was told when I was purchasing it that you were selling it for a woman who was not playing anymore. Please let her know that I have a 6th grader who will play and care for this instrument for years to come.
Hello Troy, now i have received my new bassguitar Stingray Ray34. Everything is alright, I´ve played it yesterday on our musictest. It is a great instrument. The sound is fantastic. Thank you for your good correspondence and the quick shipping.
2-23-14Tim M.
Some time ago I made a comment submission about a small issue I was having with my Schiller CC Tuba's rotor bumpers that I needed help with. It was handled excellently and professionally and before long I received the items I needed to repair it. I have logged 24 practice hours since the repair was made and they're holding up great. Thanks so much for continuing to stand behind your product. 10/10 Will shop with Jim Laabs again.
I purchased our Schiller 5’5” CE Grand Piano in September 2013 from the Arden Hills store. The salesperson (Marty) was terrific. He made the purchase fun. That said, I promised him I would write a review of the Piano and experience with the store. I wanted to wait a few months to let the piano acclimate to our home and for an independent piano technician to service the piano. The piano arrived on the promised date in perfect condition. It quickly lost tune due to its new environment and needed tuning within three months. This is normal as the salesperson explained. The piano technician was as impressed as we are with its sound and feel. He also commented at the nice job Jim Laabs Pianos did installing the Dampp Chaser. Great product for price and great experience with Jim Laabs Pianos.
1-27-14Leon R.
Dear Troy, I just received the instrument and it doesn't only looks good, but it sounds great too! And I'd like to thank you for the great service you offered me, THANKS !! Have a great day and hope to do business with you again soon.
1-13-14Vladimir K.
Dear friends! I'd like to send you many thanks for the recorders designed and produced by you! Almost a year ago I've purchased the tenor recorder. It was amazingly cheap but it allowes me to play music professionally. I play many concerts and make a recordings on Frederick tenor. If you will find interesting please listen to my works on Frederick tenor such as , , and other music for tenor recorder on my youtube channel. Last saturday i've ordered also your soprano recorder, hope it will work well also. Good luck to your company, to your specialists and to everybody who play your instruments! I guess they are done with love.
Hi Troy just to let you know horn arrived yesterday! so , many thanks for providing a great service. the horn looks and blows great. I might order the kruspe/conn 8d model at some point. Im not sure what the exact model number is but its also schiller. I have to say the build quality is really good. I don't think Ive seen a better made horn for less than £ 3000!
Hello Troy, I received my euphonium today! I am very happy that you only had the nickel in stock. The instrument is beautiful as is its sound. Thank you for the wonderful service. If I need any band items, you will be my go to store. AS this is my off instrument, I don't think I could have done any better! Thanks again!
8-14-13Chris J.
Hey Troy – just wanted to send you a quick update. I’ve been playing my Trixon cocktail kit on a number of mini-tours throughout Ontario Canada since February of this year. This kit is holding up well, sounds great, and almost every night I play it, I have people come up to me after the show to ask about my drums. Thanks again! There are a couple quick clips of me on my cocktail kit, in this epk:
Hi, Just want to let you know how pleased we are with the horn we bought! Never thought it would be in such new of condition for the price. Bought this as a gift for are grandson. He is thrilled with it! Thanks so much for your great service and fast shipping. If in the future we are in need of more items you have we will be back. Thanks again for such a pleasant shopping experience.
6-27-13Paata B.
At first, I want to show my sympathy to your company and mention that I am your customer and as a trumpeter I have two Schiller trumpets - Eb/D Trumpet and Center Tone Flugelhorn Silver. I use them on my concerts and festivals I take part as with orchestras, so with jazz bands too. And I am only one Trumpeter in Georgia who uses your product and first time brought Schiller in the musical atmosphere of my country. I am filmed in documentary movie, where I speak about the history of trumpet and explain its development steps, afterword I speak its history in Georgia. The film director asks me to take video-scenes in factories where trumpets are made, In order to include such scenes in the film. Unfortunately trumpets are not produced in Georgia and we have not enough sources to finance our voyage beyond the borders and take videos in foreign factories. Maybe you will be interested to show in the film your factory and workers. I think it will be interesting to popularize your product in Georgia and not only in Georgia. If you will finance two persons voyage in your factory, the film director and I will be glad to include scenes from your company in our movie, where according to scenario I go and choose a trumpet for me and your specialist helps me to choose it. And another ask – I want to buy Old City Taj C Trumpet, and I am interested considering the above mentioned movie scenes will it be possible for me to benefit from discount on this Trumpet.
6-7-13Delano H.
Unpacked the piano stool. WOW!!! great product, looks $600 and the store person who I spoke too recommended this one rather than the one I was going to order. The mechanism appear to be very strong and the quality of the fabric (looks and feels like leather. Goes nice with my new ebony piano. I would recommend your company to anyone buying musical products.
Hi! I just purchased a 52" young chang upright piano from you all! boy was i nervous when that beast showed up to my 1st floor walkup and i saw there were only 2 movers there! they did a miraculous (read: miracle), job getting that enormous upright up into my house, barely jostling the instrument, and putting everything back as they found it (they had to take off a door). kudos to you and your excellent moving team! thank you so much. the piano is actually quite in tune as well, despite the move!
5-12-13Mark H.
Hi Troy - Just a quick note to tell you the tuba arrived in perfect shape (you guys really know how to pack stuff) and that I am quite pleased with it. I've always wanted and EEb tuba - after playing the BBb horn since 1965 I think this horn is a much better EEb tuba than I am an EEb tuba PLAYER at this time. Practice should equalize that.... Thanks for the great service.
The box was delivered this morning and as you said I am pleased with the purchase. It fits wonderfully and looks great with the upright in it. Here are some photos of it if you wish to see them. I have included a link to your web page to anyone who may look at my photos and wish to buy one. Thanks again for the prompt shipping and I am glad I bought it.
2-25-13Rebecca R.
Hi, I placed an order for a keyboard on Feb 9th and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how delighted I was with your company! I ordered on a friday and had my keyboard tuesday and everything was delivered well and packaged perfectly. I couldn't be happier. It's so nice to deal with good companies :)
1-13-13Deb S.
Thanks for your very prompt reply. I used to live in Stevens Point when I was in college and spent many fine hours at Jim Laabs' Music store, browsing and allowing myself a little music now and then, a luxury at that time for a college student! Therefore, I was really pleased to see that there was a store in my area. In checking out your web site, I found the same wide selection of instruments and also the wide range of prices at Jim Laabs Music I had enjoyed in the past. I purchased my first piano from you about 35 years ago. It was a "Bach" spinet piano and I received a discount on it because one of the black keys was virtually imperceptibly askew-- the piano's working was not affected in the least! I couldn't believe my good fortune but felt a little guilty about it because I never could really see the faulty key! My husband and I were just starting out and were so poor then, you can't imagine what a joy it was for me to be able to bring home my very first "new" piano! I look forward to doing business with Jim Laabs Music again. Thank you again, oh, and by the way, I think your delivery price is very reasonable!
I sent this via reg email earlier, but I'm not sure I had the right address: I LLLLLOVE my Trixon Elite cocktail kit! What are the chances that there is a larger tom in clear birch, that I could replace the stock 10"X6" tom that came with the kit with? In a perfect world, I'd like to mount a 12"X10" tom like the one that comes on the Solist Elite kit. I say Elite, because that's what series lugs/hardware is on my cocktail kit. Is there an Elite series tom in Clear birch available, and how much would it cost? Here's a link to the modifications I've done to my kit, so far. I really, REALLY like it, but a larger tom option will give it a fuller sound for larger gigs/venues. Thanks for reading, hope you can help. Franklin K

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