Brass & Woodwind Oil & Cleaning Tips

  • Make sure your instrument is completely dry prior to placing it in your case. Drain water after playing and wipe your instrument dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Yearly professional cleaning is recommended for brass instruments to avoid costly repairs and possible corrosion.
  • Avoid eating, drinking sugary liquids or chewing gum immediately prior to playing your instrument.
  • Always remove your mouthpiece after playing. Regularly clean your mouthpiece with warm water and mild soap.
  • If your mouthpiece is dry, apply a thin layer of valve oil to the bore to keep it from getting stuck.
  • If your mouthpiece does get stuck, use a designated mouthpiece puller to remove it. Never forcefully twist your mouthpiece.
  • Bare brass sticks together when left unmoved for long periods of time. Take time to move all possible parts at least every couple of weeks.
  • Regularly oil horn key valves (3x per week) by placing a drop or two to bearings and rotors. Work the valve a couple of time to ensure oil is spread evenly.
  • Unscrew trumpet valves, wipe clean, and place a drop of valve oil, coating the entire valve. Apply oil to valve cap and bottom cap.
  • Apply slide oil to your trombone at least once a week by placing hand slide into third position and adding oil to each slide.
  • Use lanolin or similar oil to lubricate tuning slides.

Brass & Woodwind Oil & Cleaning

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